Adventures in Budapest!

My day in Budapest was filled with one adventure after another! I took an overnight bus from Krakow to Budapest and arrived around 8:00 in the morning. I decided the best way to get an overview of the city was to take a free walking tour (these are very popular throughout Europe. They are super interesting and convenient but always remember to tip!). I couldn’t check into my hostel until 2:00 so I carried my backpack with me for the 3 hour tour across the city. I was worn out by the end but it was worth it!

Budapest was absolutely beautiful! It was the city that was most comparable to a US city — just with a lot more history.

Some notable sights were the ruin bars. After the removal and execution of the Jewish people during the holocaust, a large section of the city was left empty and dilapidated. People decided to make creative use out of the area and it is now home to dozens of bars! The one’s I went into had holes in the wall, didn’t have roofs and were just hodgepodges of rooms connected to create a fun environment! There was music dancing, creative decorations throughout the whole place! It was an ingenious way to bring life back to this part of the city while still preserving the history. They also had great food! I got to try some traditional Chicken Paprikash and I love it so much I’ve been looking up recipes since I’ve been back!

I also went to one of Budapest’s famous bathhouses. This historic houses have been frequented for centuries and are absolutely gorgeous! I went to the  Széchenyi bathhouse which has numerous indoor and outdoor pools. I was taken away by the architecture and expanse of the place. I also loved how I heard all different languages while sitting in the baths. People from all over came to this bathhouse! It was a much needed relaxation break.

At night, as I walked along the riverfront, I came across a watch party for the World Cup. I have LOVED being in Europe for the World Cup because it was a commonality between every country I went to. We were watching the England Colombia game and there were people from all countries rooting for both sides. It was a beautiful and powerful moment of community as hundreds of people from everywhere sat together watching a makeshift screen. The unity was beautiful and overwhelming and I have loved being a part of it. It was a great way to end my adventures in Europe.

Author: Lydia

Hi! My name's Lydia Brinkmann and I am a Freshman here at the University of Oklahoma studying Dramaturgy. Now I know most people don't know what that is so I'll give you a brief summary. A dramaturg is a theater analytic, we are the experts on the scripts, and we do a bunch of digging and research on the play. We then use this information to collaborate with the director, designers, and performers to create the best show possible. We're the theater nerds in the truest sense :) I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and I've lived there all of my life. I've only ever traveled outside of the United States once, when I went to El Salvador for a week. I hope to travel to a Spanish speaking country while at OU and fully engross myself in their culture. I want to one day incorporate the traditions of all different countries and their cultures into my art. I want to bring life from around the world to people here in the United States and share my love for theater and our global community at the same time.

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