Arabic Flagship Talent Show

This month I went to the Arabic Flagship Talent Show. I was very much looking forward to it and I had many friends who were studying Arabic that I knew were going to be there.

The dancing by the Belly Dancing Club was absolutely amazing and it was very interesting to see the contrasting styles of the two dances they performed. The first dance used finger cymbals in their dance and involved many girls and the second dance used sticks. They were two different traditional styles of dancing and the girls had amazing performances.

The poetry was also incredible. One of the girls wrote a poem that she read in English, Arabic, and Vietnamese. I was extremely impressed by her words but more by the power that the poem had when it was in other languages. I couldn’t understand any of the words but the rhythm and tone of her speaking really helped communicate the meaning of her poem.

Overall I enjoyed the talent show (and the food was delicious). However, I didn’t realize that the majority of the talent show would be class projects from different Arabic. I don’t speak Arabic and so many of the skits and videos I couldn’t understand. I got to see a lot of my friends in the videos though so I still enjoyed them and some of them were very funny! But since I’m not studying Arabic a lot of things were lost on me. I will probably go again next year though! I had a great time!

Author: Lydia

Hi! My name's Lydia Brinkmann and I am a Freshman here at the University of Oklahoma studying Dramaturgy. Now I know most people don't know what that is so I'll give you a brief summary. A dramaturg is a theater analytic, we are the experts on the scripts, and we do a bunch of digging and research on the play. We then use this information to collaborate with the director, designers, and performers to create the best show possible. We're the theater nerds in the truest sense :) I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and I've lived there all of my life. I've only ever traveled outside of the United States once, when I went to El Salvador for a week. I hope to travel to a Spanish speaking country while at OU and fully engross myself in their culture. I want to one day incorporate the traditions of all different countries and their cultures into my art. I want to bring life from around the world to people here in the United States and share my love for theater and our global community at the same time.

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