College of International Studies’ Student Advisory Committee

I am extremely excited to be a part of the Student Advisory Committee this semester. The organization focuses on promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion throughout our campus. I discovered this organization through a film screening of 4 Months 3 Weeks and 2 Days that I attending earlier this semester. I am extremely passionate about the goals of this organization.
This semester, the organization was very small, but applications for new positions were recently opened so I’m hopeful that it will grow and we can continue to raise awareness for global issues. I think this is a great platform on which to start conversations and educate our community. I cannot wait to see what new people bring to the table.
Personally, I am focused on issues of women’s rights around the world and have been particularly involved in the issue of sex trafficking. Next semester I hoping to host a bra drive for women who have escaped sex trafficking and need to regain a place in society. The company, Free the Girls, gives women the opportunity to become entrepreneurs by helping them sell bras to their community. This is one small way people can help. This issue is global and effects many people in the United States. I am looking forward to developing more ideas for upcoming events and projects.

Author: Lydia

Hi! My name's Lydia Brinkmann and I am a Freshman here at the University of Oklahoma studying Dramaturgy. Now I know most people don't know what that is so I'll give you a brief summary. A dramaturg is a theater analytic, we are the experts on the scripts, and we do a bunch of digging and research on the play. We then use this information to collaborate with the director, designers, and performers to create the best show possible. We're the theater nerds in the truest sense :) I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and I've lived there all of my life. I've only ever traveled outside of the United States once, when I went to El Salvador for a week. I hope to travel to a Spanish speaking country while at OU and fully engross myself in their culture. I want to one day incorporate the traditions of all different countries and their cultures into my art. I want to bring life from around the world to people here in the United States and share my love for theater and our global community at the same time.

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