Dancing Around the World

Throughout the semester I’ve attended multiple different dancing events from various cultures. It was so wonderful seeing the traditions from different parts of the world.

Cumbia Dance originated in Columbia and spread throughout Latin America. It is a very popular form of dance, especially in the clubs. It has a simple 1-2 rhythm which allows for a variation in the sound. There is traditional sounding Cumbia and then more techno auto-tuned songs. We learned the basic steps as a group and then I got to demonstrate the partner dance with the instructor. He was an excellent lead and pretty much carried me around the room! It was a wonderful experience!

Kizomba is an Angolan Dance done with a partner. It is very slow and sensual. The partners are very close and the movements are very small. It was a little more difficult to pick up after being used to salsa dancing which is faster with larger steps. I got to meet a lot of wonderful new people! Many times during the evening, there would be outbursts in Portuguese. We learned the basic steps and complicated turns and combinations and rotated partners throughout. I danced with new and familiar faces and had a great time!

I went to an Indian Dance event and learned multiple different dances. The men and women were dressed in beautiful traditional Indian clothes. One thing I thought was interesting was that the Indian Dances were more individual or group based and less partner focused. One of the dances also involved sticks and rotating partners. There was a lot of traveling and hand movements that were just as important as the footwork. I had never done any dancing like it Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep finding more opportunities on campus to experience dance in difference cultures.

Author: Lydia

Hi! My name's Lydia Brinkmann and I am a Freshman here at the University of Oklahoma studying Dramaturgy. Now I know most people don't know what that is so I'll give you a brief summary. A dramaturg is a theater analytic, we are the experts on the scripts, and we do a bunch of digging and research on the play. We then use this information to collaborate with the director, designers, and performers to create the best show possible. We're the theater nerds in the truest sense :) I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and I've lived there all of my life. I've only ever traveled outside of the United States once, when I went to El Salvador for a week. I hope to travel to a Spanish speaking country while at OU and fully engross myself in their culture. I want to one day incorporate the traditions of all different countries and their cultures into my art. I want to bring life from around the world to people here in the United States and share my love for theater and our global community at the same time.

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