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Today, in our Informed Citizens Discussion Group, with so much focus pointed on Trump’s international policies, we discussed the U.S.’s role in foreign affairs. The following is a brief summary of points brought up by our various group members.

Since the very beginning, with the French Revolution, we’ve been debating whether we should get involved and be the “savior” so to speak.

Is it the United States’ responsibility to defend the rest of the world? We have the most powerful military in the world (based on spending) and some think we should be utilizing it for good- as in going in and protecting civilians or wipe out governments that are doing ‘bad things’ so to speak. Besides the glaring political repercussions of this particular statement, many people share the sense of goodwill.  Most of our involvement in other countries though is usually to protect our own interests (i.e. Oil in the Middle East). Many people think it is in our best interest to remain a global superpower militarily and others think we should focus on more important issues within our own country.

Trump has advocated to pull back military support from the UN, which would force other countries to increase their militaries. Currently the U.S. takes on a lot of military responsibility when it comes to protecting other countries and a lot of Americans are wondering if it’s time for other countries to pay their ‘fair share’.

We discussed that while many people think we should cut back, those against reduction argue that the United States has a lot of leverage with other countries with smaller militaries- a relationship that could be (and most likely has been) exploited for the Us’s advantage. Which of course is morally reprehensible but hey.

It will be very interesting to see how his foreign policy plays out (seeing also how he seems to vacillate on almost all of his policies). It was just very interesting to discuss the many different points of view on the issue.


Author: Lydia

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