On Trump’s visit with the Pope

I was definitely watching when President Trump and his family went to meet Pope Francis yesterday. While there are many interpretations of how the meeting went, there is no doubt that Pope Francis called Trump our on at least one issue: climate change. He gave Trump a copy of ‘Laudato Si” which he wrote about the importance of science and politics in aiding the environment. I was so amused and thoroughly appreciated Pope Francis’s shade.
I know that Trump and the Pope also have extremely different ideas on immigration. Trump obviously wants to implement very strict immigration and border policies to help keep potentially dangerous people or illegal immigrants out of the US. However the Catholic view centers around love for our fellow humans and charity to people in need. There are so many people who are in need of a home, especially in the middle east. The issue is that so many people let fear guide their actions. Fear festers and turns into defense, which isn’t necessarily bad: terrorism is a real threat and being cautious is wise. However, this fear turns into a fear of larger communities, of Muslims, of people of middle eastern descent. People develop fear of immigrants (illegal or otherwise) taking their jobs. Pope Francis has, multiple times, encouraged countries to be understanding and accepting and to operate from a place of compassion and not fear. So obviously this meeting with Trump, who ran his campaign principally on fear, is extremely important. Pope Francis is a leader and an icon for Catholics across the world. Personally, I love the role he has played in rejuvenating the church and communicating to the world the true messages of our faith.
While the Pope did throw some shade, they said that they talked about working towards international peace and I honestly and truly hope so. Maybe at least, Trump will learn a little more about climate change.

Author: Lydia

Hi! My name's Lydia Brinkmann and I am a Freshman here at the University of Oklahoma studying Dramaturgy. Now I know most people don't know what that is so I'll give you a brief summary. A dramaturg is a theater analytic, we are the experts on the scripts, and we do a bunch of digging and research on the play. We then use this information to collaborate with the director, designers, and performers to create the best show possible. We're the theater nerds in the truest sense :) I'm originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and I've lived there all of my life. I've only ever traveled outside of the United States once, when I went to El Salvador for a week. I hope to travel to a Spanish speaking country while at OU and fully engross myself in their culture. I want to one day incorporate the traditions of all different countries and their cultures into my art. I want to bring life from around the world to people here in the United States and share my love for theater and our global community at the same time.

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